Control Z Films works as a platform to carry out cinematographic projects in Uruguay.

By means of the basic infrastructure generated by 25 Watts and Whisky, Control Z has been trying to keep producing films by Uruguayan screenwriters, and to supply film production services to foreign films.

Control Z was founded by Juan Pablo Rebella (1974- 2006), Pablo Stoll and Fernando Epstein in March 2001 in order to produce and distribute 25 Watts.

In 2003, Gonzalo Delgado Galiana joined the company to produce Whisky. Throughout 2004 Control Z co-produced The dog pound, Manolo Nieto's opera prima, which later distributed in Uruguay.

In 2007 Agustina Chiarino joined Control Z as executive producer.

The company's main objective is to continue making and releasing films in Uruguay.

Fernando Epstein
Executive Producer
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1969. He obtained a degree in Media Studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay. He worked as an AVID editor from 1997 to 2001, editing commercial spots, video clips and documentaries. 25 Watts (2001 - Juan Pablo Rebella - Pablo Stoll) was his first experience as Executive Producer and Film Editor. The same year he founded Control Z Films together with Rebella and Stoll to distribute 25 Watts and develop further feature and short film projects such as Whisky (2004 - Juan Pablo Rebella - Pablo Stoll) and The Dog Pound (2005 - Manuel Nieto).
Agustina Chiarino
Executive Producer
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1977. In the year 2000 she obtained a degree in Media Studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay and in 2003 a Master's degree in Documentary Cinema from the Autonoma University in Barcelona. Since 1998 she works as a Producer in films, music videos, documentaries, institutional works, short films and advertising in Mexico, Barcelona and Uruguay. In the year 2004 she was Line Producer in the film La Perrera by Manolo Nieto and and of some short films produced by Control Z Films. La Discipula del velocimetro by Miguel Calderon (Mexico) was her first film as Executive Producer. Since 2007 she is Executive Producer in Control Z Films of the movies GIGANTE by Adrián Biniez, HIROSHIMA by Pablo Stoll (in post production), TRES by Pablo Stoll and TANTA AGUA by Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge (both in development stage). She works in the National Production Department of the TV Channel 10 and gives media lessons at the Universidad Catolica.
Pablo Stoll

Born in 1974 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Pablo studied Social Communication at the Catholic University of Uruguay and got his degree in 1999.
Together with Juan Pablo Rebella, he wrote and directed 25 Watts (2001), which obtained the Tiger Award in Rotterdam and the opera prima Coral in La Habana, among other prizes. Together, they made Whisky (2004), which was selected for the section Un Certain Regard in the 2004 edition of Cannes Festival, where it won the Fipresci award. Whisky also was awarded in the festivals of Tokio, La Habana, Thessaloniki, Chicago, and Huelva. In addition, it obtained the Goya award for best Latin American film.
Since mid 2006 he works as scriptwriter and director of the humor TV show Los Informantes at channel 4 in Montevideo.

Gonzalo Delgado Galiana
Born in 1975 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied Cinema Direction on the International School of Cinema and TV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He co-wrote the film Whisky (Rebella - Stoll, 2004). His work as Art Director includes the longfilms: 25 Watts (Rebella - Stoll, 2001) Whisky (Rebella - Stoll, 2004) El custodio (Rodrigo Moreno, 2005 / Argentina) La Perrera (Manuel Nieto, 2005 - 2006) Phantasma (Lisandro Alonso, 2006 / Argentina) Shortfilms: Perro perdido (Arauco Hernández, 2003) Bregman, El Siguiente (As Follows) (Federico Veiroj, 2004)
Florencia Chao
Assistant to Executive Producer
Born in 1980 in Montevideo, Uruguay. She studied Media Studies in the Catholic University of Uruguay. Since 2003 works in Control Z Films as Executive Production Assistant in the features Whisky by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, La Perrera by Manuel Nieto Zas and Acne by Federico Veiroj. She also works in production of short films, documentaries, video clips and commercials.
Abi Mendlewicz
Then we take Manhattan
After it's great performance in Berlin Film Festival, Adrián Biniez'Gigante has been released in New York by Film Movement. Here you can find more information

Gigante mural painting
A mural painting in New York City promoting the movie Gigante. In curiosities

CORREDORES DE VERANO at Tampere Film Festival
We are happy to inform you that the film CORREDORES DE VERANO directed by Leticia Jorge and Ana Guevara has been selected to the International Competition of Tampere International Short Film Festival 2009. The festival dates are March 4th-8th 2009.

Gigante screenings in Berlin.
February 8
09.00 h Berlinale Palast: Official Press Screening followed by Official Press Conference (english subtitles)
16.30 h Berlinale Palast: Official Gala Screening (german subtitles)

February 9
09.30 h Friedrichstadtpalast: Repetition Screening (english subtitles)
17.30 h Urania: Repetition Screening (german subtitles)

February 15
22.30 h Urania: Repetition Screening (german subtitles)

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